101 Programme

Each of the nine workshops outlined below are covered in a course manual that is provided to participants at the beginning of the programme.  This manual is the participants to take home with them and keep, and will act as a reference guide or blueprint at any stage they’d like to revisit one or more of the workshops covered in the 101 Programme.

Saving Money

The Saving Money workshop follows on from the Personal Budgeting workshop and delves into the world of debt, loans and credit cards and then looks at savings and savings’ plans for a specific goal.

Producing a C.V.

Participants learn the basics of producing a well formatted, well presented and to the point C.V. for prospective employers. At the conclusion of the 101 Programme participants leave with a completed C.V. that can be used to find employment straight away.

Basics of Business

The Basics of Business workshop motivates and educates offenders about the opportunities that exist with starting their own business. Participants learn the basics of how to start a business, develop a business idea, different business structures and also the options around buying vs starting a business, franchises etc.

Preparing for a Job Interview

This workshop covers the standard questions and responses asked in job interviews, and how to present oneself and come across as confident and intelligent to a prospective employer. Participants gain confidence in an interview environment as well as self-confidence and belief in themselves.

Basics of Property

This workshop covers the basics of renting a property and the initial steps involved in setting up the flat/apartment; internet, power, water, gas etc. The workshop also includes the basics of purchasing residential property and why property is such a great investment option.

Personal Budgeting

Personal budgeting is an essential skill to learn as it plays an integral part in future financial understanding and security. Participants put together a budget based on the income and expenses they will likely have in the real world. This workshop is hugely beneficial as it provides participants with a financial plan and pathway for their futures.

Basics of the Share Market

This workshop touches on the basics of investing in shares and provides participants with an introduction and basic understanding of shares and listed companies, how to buy and sell shares, research listed companies and how to get quality advice on investing in the share market.


General Health & Fitness

This workshop touches on healthy living through healthy eating, fitness and exercise. The workshop covers goal setting (SMART goals), exercise schedules, basic cooking skills and recipes, time and stress management, cooking and food shopping skills and finishes with practical sessions on making smoothies and pikelets for the group.


Who Am I? (Personality Profiles)

Having an understanding of one’s personality type ensures participants better understand themselves and have a greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and provide them with some direction for their futures.

If you have any questions regarding the 101 Programme or to request a quote please contact Nick Carroll on nick@life101.co.nz or 021 800 985.

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