202 Programme

Each of the workshops outlined below are covered in a course manual that is provided to participants at the beginning of the programme.  This manual is the participants to take home with them and keep, and will act as a reference guide or blueprint at any stage they’d like to revisit one or more of the workshops covered in the 202 Programme.

Course Outline

The 202 Programme is a three-day course that takes place over three consecutive days with a maximum of 12 participants per course. It is recommended the 202 Programme takes place three to four weeks after prisoners have completed the 101 Programme. This will ensure the skills learnt, and motivation received are top-of-mind for participants as they take the step up to this specialised course.

Below is a basic outline of the workshops covered in the 202 Programme;

  1. Exploring personal beliefs and values
  2. Defining personal leadership
  3. Effective personal communication skills
  4. Emotional intelligence
  5. Dealing with the “tough stuff”/ conflict positively and effectively
  1. Goal Setting
  2. Financial literacy education
  3. Teaching financial literacy to children
  4. Business 202
  5. Property 202
  1. National and Local Government
  2. Healthy Eating on a budget
  3. Effective Communication & Public Speaking
  4. Personal Roadmap Development


Below is an outline of the key outcomes for course participants from the workshops / topics covered in the specialised 202 Programme;

  1. Significant increase in self-intelligence and awareness
  2. Awakening each participant’s personal leadership leading to more positive outcomes
  3. Identifying habits, good and bad and knowing how to change them
  4. Tools to motivate and inspire others in a team environment (ie. family, friends, Whanau, youth groups etc)
  5. Toolkit of ideas to deal with life situations effectively
  1. Inspire participants to be wise with their money and improve their financial situations
  2. Provide participants with financial literacy skills to be able to pass on to their children
  3. Change participants’ behaviour / choices with new financial knowledge
  4. Provide participants with a greater understanding of how to start a small business or operate as a sole trader
  5. Provide participants with a greater understanding of buying a property and/or investing in residential property
  1. Provide participants with a greater understanding of the NZ government and departments
  2. Provide a “toolbox” for living life more effectively and creating a better quality of life
  3. Awareness of the importance of health and lifestyle
  4. Increased confidence while speaking and presenting oneself
  5. Direction, a sense of purpose and inspiration to do “the right thing” and a clear pathway plan for their futures once released

Prerequisite & Selection

Individuals taking part in the 202 Programme course must have completed the 101 Programme. They must have also shown a keenness to learn and a willingness to change and better their lives once released from prison or have finished their community sentence.

Participants that are interested in taking part in the 202 Programme will be required to fill in an application form following their 101 Programme to show their level of enthusiasm in being part of the 202 Programme.

If you have any questions regarding the 202 Programme or to request a quote please contact Nick Carroll on nick@life101.co.nz or 021 800 985.

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