Corporate Development

Life101 offers two courses for businesses depending on the age and requirements of your employees; the standard three-day 101 Programme and the one-day financial literacy course.

We understand managing and leading staff can be a challenge at the best of times. We also understand staff productivity is affected by their morale, which can be affected by both personal and work issues.

Imagine this… Your staff have no money worries, they’re personally investing successfully, they know how to manage stress, they have good time management habits and are following a fitness plan they’d created…? Think they’d be more happy and productive?

Our tailored life and financial skills courses (outlined below) will motivate, inspire and equip your staff with practical skills that will enable them to create a successful, happy life for themselves.

If you have any questions regarding the Life101 courses, or if you would like a free, no obligations quote please email or contact us on 021 800 985.