Areas of Focus


Life101 collaborates with community focussed corporate partners to be able to provide life and financial skills to New Zealand’s most at-risk regions, communities and individuals.

Corporates in the Community


Every company has massive potential and unlocking and understanding Personal Leadership, Personal Communications and Emotional Intelligence is a key to realising this potential.

Corporate Development


Community groups can take part in the Life101 programme with their own private course tailored to your groups needs; with options of applying for funding to cover programme costs.

Community Programmes


To prevent reoffending prisoners need to be armed with essential life and financial skills, and be motivated to make a change in their lives. With two programme offerings Life101 is helping to reduce the rate of reoffending in New Zealand.

Prisons & Probation

What We’re About

At Life101 we’re extremely enthusiastic about the Life101 concept and our four Areas of Focus.

We’re trying to fix some of the problems in today’s society; from poor financial literacy and low life skill levels in at-risk communities to unproductive and disengaged employees within organisations.

Life101 programmes provide individuals with direction, motivation and relevant hard and soft-skills to be able to make a positive and life-changing difference in their personal and professional lives.

Why Life101?


Get motivated

Think differently

Tools for life

Emotional intelligence


“I found the course absolutely amazing. It is inspirational, educational and has encouraged me to really take stock of my life and make some necessary changes.”

“I think my mindset in regards to my future has changed for the better. I couldn’t have imagined this could happen in only three days.”

“I’m able to recognise my triggers that have the potential to be problems and will stop them before they become a problem.”

“A light has been turned on for me personally which is going to have a profound impact on my life. Thank you Life101.”