101 Programme

Life101’s three-day ‘101 Programme’ is a life and financial hard-skills course providing prisoners with a more rounded life education to ensure they have the necessary ‘worldly’ skills, motivation and change in life direction once being released from prison.

Course Outline

The 101 Programme is a three-day course that takes place over three consecutive days with a maximum of 12 participants per course.

Each of the nine workshops outlined below are covered in a course manual that participants are provided with.  The manual is the prisoners to keep, and acts as a reference guide they can refer to at any stage.


  1. Psychometric testing – personality profiling
  2. Producing a C.V. (Curriculum Vitae)
  3. Basics of business
  1. Saving money
  2. Preparing for a job interview
  3. Basics of the share market
  1. Basics of property
  2. Personal budgeting
  3. General health, fitness & wellbeing


  1. Awareness of personality types and how they influence decision making.
  2. In-depth understanding of apprenticeship schemes in New Zealand.
  3. Leave with a completed C.V. and cover letter for future employment.
  4. Understand the basic concepts of business, and the motivation of how to derive an income beyond being an employee.
  1. Identifying spending habits, good and bad and understanding how to change them to create a savings plan.
  2. Gain a better understanding of debt and how to stay out of it.
  3. A greater understanding of how to prepare for a job interview and how to come across effectively.
  4. Gain a basic understanding of how the share market works and how people gain an income from buying and selling shares.
  1. Toolkit for how to rent and maintain a rented house / flat.
  2. Provide participants with a greater understanding of how to gain an income and retirement plan utilising residential property.
  3. Awareness of the importance of budgeting to reach future goals and financial independence.
  4. Identifying personal goals and gain a practical understanding of how to achieve these goals.
  5. Toolkit of ideas to manage time better and how to deal with stress.
  6. Awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle through healthy living and healthy eating.


  • ‘I found the course absolutely amazing. It is inspirational, educational and has encouraged me to really take stock of my life and make the necessary changes to get ahead and be the happiest, most productive, successful person I can.’
  • ‘This is the best course I have done whilst I’ve been in prison for the last three years.’
  • ‘Good course. Didn’t want to do it at first, glad I came to it now.’
  • ‘One of the best courses I have done while in jail.’
  • ‘Thanks a lot Life101 for the hard work you have given me. This course is amazing, I’ve learnt a lot from you. Hope I’m successful one day.’
  • ‘One of the best programmes I’ve done in prison. Very informative. Things I will pursue upon release.’
  • ‘This is a good educational programme and I have learnt heaps. Thanks for having me.’
  • ‘A really helpful programme to know when I am released from prison.’
  • ‘Usually I get bored easily on prison courses but Life101 made it interesting and helped me learn a lot so big ups guys.’
  • ‘The facilitator was awesome on the way he produced the class.’
  • ‘Life101 made everything really clear in what they were putting across and it was easy for us to understanding.’
  • ‘Opened my mind to the bigger picture in life. I have nothing bad to say about Life101.’
  • ‘I think the layout was awesome and the presentation was top. I will endorse this course in the future so thank you.’
  • ‘Very relevant to my situation. Thoroughly enjoyable. Knowledge gained is to me an asset. Thank you very much.’
  • ‘This is the most worthwhile programme I have done to date.’
  • ‘Thank you so much for the gift you have given us with this course.’
  • ‘I loved everything about this course and I am very grateful to be part of the team that finished it successfully.’

If you have any questions regarding the 101 Programme please Contact Us.