Corporates in the Community

Life101 is an altruistic enterprise that provides life and financial skills courses to individuals in the community that lack and require these essential skills, direction and motivation.

Sadly, these at-risk and poverty-stricken individuals in our society do not have the financial capabilities or the opportunities to be able to gain these skills and direction in their lives.

Life101 collaborates with community focussed corporate partners to be able to provide life and financial skills programmes to New Zealand’s most at-risk regions, communities and individuals.

Benefits for Corporate Partners:

  • Connect at an emotional level and gain exposure within the community in which you do business.
  • Gain significant media attention, at a local and/or national level, of the positive work you’re doing in the community.
  • Rich content for social media and communications with your current database.
  • Incorporate and involve staff and/or clients into your tailored life and financial skills programmes.
  • Do good and make a difference in New Zealand’s communities.

What’s the process to being a Corporate Partner?

Well done on taking the first step to being involved in the community, and making a real difference in today’s society.

Below are the steps we’ll talk through with you on a case by case basis; because we know every business has different values, objectives and reasons for doing what you do;

  1. We’ll get together and provide you with a comprehensive overview of what Life101 does, what our programmes cover and the process going forward.
  2. We’ll brainstorm what you’re wanting to achieve with your tailored Life101 package and to what level you’re wanting to be involved in the community.
  3. We need to identify if you already have a database you’re wanting to connect with, or whether you want to connect with our deserving and worthy community groups.
  4. We’ll then sit down with our PR agency and work through media options to gain exposure for your business.
  5. We’ll then put together and provide you with a comprehensive pathway plan for your community engagement campaign.
  6. Once you’re happy we’ll hit the go button and roll out your tailored plan.

If you are looking to get involved in the community and gain exposure please Contact Us so we can assist with your community engagement goals.

If you’re a community group or individual wanting to connect with Life101 and our database of generous corporate partners please Contact Us to see how we can help you and your community.


“I think my mindset in regards to my future has changed for the better”

Cherise Metcalfe

“Really good, really helpful! I learned a lot of new useful skills!”

Nick Woods

“It was a lot of fun, very interesting, and I learnt loads. Thanks!”

Joseph Gannon

“Great informative course, very useful and fun.  Great, energetic presentation and useful workshops”

Greg Alheit

“I had a really great time, and I was impressed by how professionally we as young adults were treated.”

Jacob Siermans

“The camaraderie was brilliant, great people, great times. Phil & Nick – top blokes, easy to listen to. Great course!”

Tal Brink