Life101 programmes for deserving Auckland secondary schools

What’s it all about?

To help support Auckland’s young people in these uncertain times we are giving away ten one-day ‘Money&Me’ programmes to deserving Auckland schools.

Fill in the form on the right and tell us why 20 of your students would benefit from a Life101 programme in 2020!

Money&Me workshops

1. Successful Saving
We’ll share with you our sweet set of skills to make saving successful, sustainable, and super simple. Seriously.

2. Better Budgeting
A budget is simply about telling your hard-earned money where to go, rather than wondering where it all went. It’s about ensuring that your savings stay as savings, and are available to you when you really need it. We’ll show you how.

3. Money Mandatories
Credit. Debt. Tax. Inflation. Knowing the definitions of these—and how they all work together—will help you make better financial decisions, and allow you to apply these skills in a number of real-world settings.

4. Goal-Getting
Setting and achieving goals requires focus and a realistic approach. By setting you up with hard-skills (that are actually pretty easy), you’ll be able to take action to make those goals (no matter how big or small) a reality. Goal get ‘em!