Leadership Within

Unlocking individuals’ personal leadership is key to realising a company’s potential.

At Life101, we are very proud to offer these special workshops to progressive businesses. Equipping your team with the right tools to maximise their results will lead to maximising results for the companies they serve, now and into the future.

These workshops are competency based and tailored to the unique needs of each group of team members.

A 45-minute lunch time overview is available, free of charge, for managers and team members.

Workshop Options

Personal Leadership

(2 hours)

What is Personal Leadership?

Opening our eyes to the inspirational ability we all possess. The ability to focus on the “greater good”, through inspiring greatness and potential in each and every person we touch in our lives, be it personal or professional, leading to significant productivity results.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Practical skills to build relationships
  • Create ‘big picture’ thinking
  • Inspiration to ‘do the right thing’ and ‘do things right’

Effective Communication

(2 hours)

One of the most crucial life skills is exploring the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication, the introduction of practical ideas and tools to be clear, firm and fair. Tools to build trust and productive relationships in the work place.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Awareness of communication impacts
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Knowledge to create positive, productive relationships

Emotional Intelligence

(2 hours)

The quality of our lives is directly related to our personal level of EQ, or “emotional intelligence”. Our ability to inspire others, be consistent, deal with stress effectively, and manage our emotions in a healthy way has a direct impact on our sense of well-being and balance.  This competency is becoming more and more crucial for all of us to develop in order to maximise our productivity and that of others around us.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Insight into brain function
  • How emotions and our choices affect outcomes in our lives
  • Staying in balance with mindfulness

Recommended Groups (group size up to 20)

  1. Management: Managers, supervisors & team leaders
  2. Front line team members: Sales people, office admin, operations, factory staff, customer service.

We highly recommended that managers attend first, then front line team members.

We also recommended that all team members attend all workshops to create a true ‘culture shift. A piece meal approach, where some team members are expected to “pass the message along” is NOT effective.

These skills can be further developed and transformed into more comprehensive training sessions if desired, based on the needs and desired outcomes of the company.

If you have any questions regarding the Leadership Within programme, or if you would like to book in your free of charge 45-minute lunch time session please email info@life101.co.nz


“Everybody who makes contact with this workshop leaves inspired! I have seen a marked improvement in team’s overall confidence and decision making. The results of the programme have led to improved branch performance, manager satisfaction and the ambition for others in the business to be part of the programme.”

Kerry Lila, National Retail Manager, Hallensteins

“Robyn Fond… the most talented, inspiring business mentor I have ever had the pleasure to work alongside; a brilliant mind with passion and personality to match.”

Murray Berkett, Managing Director, First Assistance