Our Workshops

Each of the 12 workshops outlined below are covered in a course manual that’s provided to students at the beginning of the course. This manual is the students to take home with them and keep, and will act as a reference guide or blueprint three, five or ten years down the track if the student decides they’d like to revisit one or more of the workshops covered in the 101 Programme.


Personality Profiles

Having an understanding of one’s personality type ensures students better understand themselves and have a greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Students are able to use this information to make an informed decision on a future study and career path that will be personally satisfying and rewarding.


Producing a C.V.

Students learn the basics of producing a well formatted, well presented and to the point C.V. At the conclusion of the three days students leave with a completed C.V. that can be used straight away for part-time work, and easily adapted for future full-time employment after university.


General Health & Fitness

Students learn healthy living techniques through healthy eating, exercise plans, stress and time management techniques, goal-setting and alternatives to today’s sugar-filled food and drink options. The skills learnt in this workshop are hugely beneficial for young people as they venture away from home into a flatting environment.


Basic Vehicle Mechanics

One of the enjoyable skills of life is maintaining your own vehicle, or simply put ‘knowing what’s going on under the hood’. Students get their hands dirty under the hood in this workshop, and love every second of it. An excellent practical workshop for teenagers who’re about to own their own car.


Personal Budgeting

Personal Budgeting is an essential skill to learn at an early age as it plays an integral part in future financial understanding and security. Budgets ensure money coming in is greater than going out – simple, but why do people find it so hard? Students produce their own budget based on their current, and future financial situations.


Saving Money

The Saving Money workshop follows on from the Personal Budgeting workshop and delves into the world of debt, loans and credit cards and then looks at savings and savings’ plans for a specific goal.


Preparing for a Job Interview

One of the most critical skills to master in life is selling yourself in a job interview. This workshop covers the standard questions (and responses) asked in job interviews, and also how to present yourself and come across as a confident and intelligent person that any company would climb over hot coals to hire.


Basic DIY Renovations

As advertising puts it ‘DIY – It’s in our DNA’. It seems to be the kiwi way of doing things to renovate your house, build a new fence or add a new deck for example. This hands-on workshop teaches students the basics of home handyman building and DIY renovations.


Basic of Property

Before someone can purchase their first house there is a lot of understanding, research and personal sacrifice that needs to happen. Students learn the basic steps involved in purchasing a property, from how to get a mortgage to taking possession. Students also learn the important do’s and don’ts of flatting.


Basic of Business

The time comes in some people’s lives when they’re no longer motivated by collecting a wage each week. People look to start a business for a number of reasons; money, time, being their own boss etc. This workshop opens students’ eyes to an alternate option to working for someone else 40 hours a week, 48 weeks a year.


Basics of the Share Market

This workshop touches on the basics of investing in shares and provides students with an introduction and basic understanding of shares and listed companies, how to buy and sell shares, research listed companies and how to get quality advice on investing in the share market.


Self Defence

Contrary to what most people believe self-defence does not mean getting into a fight; it is being aware of one’s surroundings and acting effectively if required to do so. This hands-on workshop, facilitated by a self-defence professional, teaches the basics of self-defence and personal protection.