Prisons & Probation

What Prisoners Need

To prevent reoffending prisoners need to be equipped with essential life and financial skills, and be motivated to make a change in their lives.

Life101’s two three-day life and financial skills programmes cater to individuals in prison who lack and require essential skills and direction in their lives.

A strong focus on the motivation behind the skills ensures immediate action is taken and there is longevity in the skills and personal development being received.


“The course was amazing! It is inspirational, educational and has encouraged me to take stock of my life and make the necessary changes to get ahead.”

– Dunedin Probation Services

“Usually I get bored easily on prison courses but Life101 made it interesting and helped me learn a lot so big ups guys.”

– Mt Eden Prison

I’m able to recognise my triggers that have the potential to be problems and will stop them before they become a problem.”

– Paremoremo Prison

“Phil you were a tremendous tutor and I find you easy to listen to, I enjoyed your informal and relaxed teaching style. A real inspiration thank you!”

– Wiri Women’s Prison

“Great course. I didn’t want to do it at first, glad I came to it now as it has set me on a path to a much different future I have been on. Thanks so much Life101.”

– Paremoremo Prison

“Very important course for people. I learnt I had no knowledge of the real world until I did the Life101 course. Probably why I ended up in here!”

– Northland Region Correctional Facility